Honor Certificate

Top ten brands of office furniture in China

2018 Top Ten Brands of Government Procurement Office Furniture

Vice President Unit of the Eighth Council

Chairman Unit of Office Furniture Professional Committee of China Furniture Association

2019-2020 Top Ten Brands of Green Office Furniture in China

Leading enterprises in China's furniture industry in 2021

2019-2020 Top 10 Chinese Furniture Suppliers with Comprehensive Strength

2019-2020 Top 10 Chinese Government Procurement Office Furniture Brands

2019-2020 Top Ten Quality Assured Enterprises in China's Furniture Industry

2019-2020 Top Ten Brands of Office Furniture Purchasing by Chinese Enterprises

2019-2020 Top 10 Overall Space Solution Providers for Office Furniture in China

Vice President Unit of the Seventh Council of Guangzhou Furniture Association

2017-2018 Guangdong Home Furnishing Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Leading Enterprise Golden Tip Award

2018 Top Ten Brands of China's High-end Commercial Office Furniture (2) Plaque

Vice President of Guangdong Furniture Association

Red Star Award Certificate

Deputy Director Unit of Medical and Elderly Furniture Professional Committee

a famous Chinese trademark

Excellent Enterprise in China's Furniture Industry - Plaque

China's Most Powerful Bidding (No.5) Plaque


GREENGUARD Green Guardian Certification

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Enterprise Credit Rating Certificate (AAA)

China Environmental Labeling Certificate

Green Supply Chain Evaluation Certificate (five-star)

China Environmental Labeling (Type II) Product Certification

ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

ISO9001 quality management system certification

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification

Type III Environmental Labeling Certificate IOS14025 International Standard for Environmental Labeling

Type III Environmental Product Declaration Evaluation Certificate

CQC Metal Office Furniture(Steel-wood desk, steel-wood conference table, screen workstation, swivel chair, auditorium chair)

CQC Metal Office Furniture(Steel bookcase, container series)

CQC Metal Medical Furniture

China Green Product Certification - Upholstered Furniture

CQC Wooden Office Furniture Series(Class desk, conference table, desk, filing cabinet, coffee table)

CQC wooden medical furniture

CQC upholstered furniture (sofa series)

FSC Forest Certification

Standardized management system certification

Integrity management system certification

Guangdong high-tech products

Furniture Product Environmental Guard Certification (Metal Furniture)

Furniture Product Environmental Guard Certification (Wooden Furniture)

Furniture Product Environmental Guard Certification (Soft Furniture)

Enterprise credit evaluation certification (AAA level)

Five-star after-sales

Medical Device Quality Management Certification

Hazardous Substances - Metal Furniture Beds

Hazardous Substances-Wooden Furniture Cabinets

China Green Product Certification - Metal Furniture

China Green Product Certification-Wooden Furniture (wood-based panel furniture)